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Promotion in social networks SEO 3.0.
Comprehensive Internet marketing
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Website development in Belarus
We work without prepayment. Installments are possible. Prices (USD):
Business card website, landing page
Website development
  • in Belarus connecting social networks and integrating with the website
  • website registration in white directories
  • up to 4 days of readiness
from 200
Online store website
  • website development according to the technical task, taking into account semantics
  • connecting social networks and integrating with the website
  • website registration in white directories
  • connecting payment systems
  • integration with CRM
  • integration of analytics counters
  • up to 3 weeks of readiness
from 500
Comprehensive promotion website
  • website support
  • brand promotion in social networks
  • website promotion in organic search results
  • search and implementation of the optimal marketing strategy
from 250 per month

Website development

We conduct a thorough market analysis and study the main competitors of the customer. We study the target audience. Based on the information received, as well as those tasks, we develop a semantic core and work out a further strategy of actions.
Website development in Belarus, or on the basis of the received data we correct an existing one. We conduct internal and external search engine (SEO) optimization.
The third
Connecting social networks (SMM). If necessary, we connect video streams and configure advertising. We provide a complete and accessible report on the work done and the results.
Website development in Belarus
Website development
Today, the market for selling services on the Internet is rapidly developing. Without a well-developed website, it is quite difficult to become a leader in a certain market segment.

By contacting our company, customers can be sure of receiving an effective tool for business development and promotion. Professional employees of the company create and develop websites that will become the business card of your company. Thanks to the well-developed image page, the company will stand out favorably among the huge list of competitive organizations in Belarus. Website development
in Belarus - call.

Web-studio ALEKSIPOV

We offer:

Website development in Belarus;
unique design;
resource promotion;
website promotion;
performing tasks of different levels of complexity;
individual approach to each customer.

The main goal of our team is to create, develop and promote websites in a pre-agreed time frame, taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer. The cost of services is in an ideal ratio with the quality of the work done to create a website.

Take care of the prosperity of your business by ordering services for the creation and promotion of a website in Belarus at an affordable cost!

We are always ready to accept a challenge to complete tasks of different levels of complexity! Please contact us!
Promotion website
"Socrates said," Know yourself." And I say "Get to know your users". And you know what? They don't think, and neither do you."..
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Website development in Belarus
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